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Social Media Marketing

Social Media the forever changing landscape.
One thing will never change though and that’s offering value to your customers. You’ve heard it before I’m sure, but don’t gloss over the simplicity.
Lets really low ball your potential here and  say you only retain one loyal customer due to your social media strategy.
Usually that loyal customer is worth more than you think.
lifetime value = estimated total earnings from said customer over  lifetime.
This is important because  accurately gauging the cost efficiency of acquiring new customers and supporting them over time helps your bottom line!
Lets low ball this and say your LV is  $20 per month that’s still $240 per year.
This simple understanding might help you justify your efforts.
Maybe that means doing a giveaway for likes and shares,  maybe that means telling your followers they receive a discount simply by following and engaging with your page. Make it fun for your followers remind them why they should be checking in.

that’s all for now,  thanks for reading and hey leave me a comment stay engaged with my content and who knows, maybe I’ll send you a treat 🙂