Social Media advertising is HUGE!
Facebook & Instagram networks are dominating the social seen currently, and while users are migrating to other platforms for various reasons, including the major censorship problem, we still have impressive numbers on these platforms. For the time being FB and Insta are still king and advertising is the cheapest and most comprehensive amongst these platforms.

Did you know if we measure impressions per dollar based on other advertising methods, that Facebook is the most cost effective?

Every social platform has its demographic and choosing which platform to focus your time on can be daunting, but the basic philosophy is always to “be where your customers are.” This may require some demographic research but we highly recommend it.

Campaign structures on these platform vary significantly. Boosting your post is considered the most basic form of advertising on these platforms. The advent of Facebook ads manager has improved complexity of campaigns greatly and this is how we like to structure our campaigns. See image below for an example of a more complex and effective ad campaign.

facebook campaign example